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Alter do Chao - Santarem, PA, Brasil

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Alter do Chao - Santarem
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¨Caribe of the Amazon¨ beach resort, only 30km from Santarem, PA, Brazil

Isla do Amor Island
Santarem is a jungle city of approximately 300,000 people in the middle of the Amazon between Manaus and Belem (807 km. The region is famous for the cristal clear waters of the Tapajos and the beach resort ALTER DO CHAO, 30km from the city, which is also known as the ¨Caribe of the Amazon¨ with white sandy river beaches in tropical environment.
The best time to visit Alter do Chao are the months June to December (dry season), however, also in rainy season, there are still some lovely beaches left.  Busses from Santarem to Alter do Chao leave from 6 a.m. to 18 p.m. every hour. The fare is 2,30 Reais and the trip takes approx. 45 minutes. The transfer to the island (Isla do Amor) in front of the village is done with small canoes, charging 2 to 3 Reais per trip.
There are daily several flights from Belem or Manaus to Santarem. The trip by boat from or to both cities takes approx. 2 days.

Lagunas on Isla do Amor


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Alter do Chao - Caribe of the Amazon

Beach Restaurant

Nearly everthing ¨under water¨

Catraias - Fluvial transport in Alter do Chao

Backpacker Accommodation tips:
Alter do Chao has a good touristic infrastructure with pensions offering rooms from 40 Reais upwards (in low season). Special Promotional rates in April and May (high water level of Tapajos river, the village is nearly deserted). In the peak season from June to December, the prices may double.
Food is inexpensive, as long as fish (Pirarucu, Tambaqui, Tucunare) is ordered. The famous CERPA beer of Para is sold in the beach bars for 2,50 to 3,00 Reais per bottle (600ml).
Visitors may also stay in a hotel in Santarem, just a 45 minutes bus trip from Alter do Chao.
¨Amazonaslife¨ recommends in Santarem:
Santarem Centro,
Trav. dos Mártires, 30
phone: +55 (93) 3523-5177 
rooms from 25 Reais per day
Santarem Centro
Av. Rui Barbosa, 51
phone +55 (93) 3522-4199
rooms from 45 Reais per person in double room

View on Conceicao Church in Santarem

View on Santarem Port Area

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