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Presidente Figueredo

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Phantastic Waterfalls and Caves 107 km from Manaus
Presidente Figueredo is a favourite weekend spot 107km north of Manaus on the BR 174, known also as the ¨city of waterfalls¨. Several busses are leaving the Manaus bus station per day, price per ticket is less than 13 Reais.
More than 53 waterfalls are located in scenic jungle locations.
TIPP: Most hotels and resorts in Presidente Figueredo are offering promotional reates during the week. Rates during the weekends are higher. AMAZONASLIFE recommends the resort complexes Santuario and Iracema, and the downtown hotel Maruaga (
In our opinion worth to visit are:
Santuario Waterfalls
¨Cachoeira Santuario¨ ( is an ecologic reserve with jungle paths and 3 waterfalls. It is approx. 13 km away from Presidente Figuredo and can be reached by car, taxi (fare approx. 20 Reais) or mototaxi (fare approx. 8 reais). The reserve operates a hotel with promotional rates during the week and some adventure activities around the jungle and waterfalls. For a one day visit to Santuario should be calculated at least 2 hours.
Iracema Waterfalls
The Iracema waterfalls - - are located approx. 15 km from Presidente Figuredo, can be reached by car, taxi (fare approx. 25 Reais) or mototaxi (fare approx. 15 Reais). The complex with three waterfalls and caves is linked by jungle paths and is a real adventure. Visitors can swim below the waterfall or make  photos standing in the waterfall. The 1,5 km trekking trough the jungle from Iracema waterfall to Araras waterfall takes about 30 minutes and is worth to do. Visitors should calculate one day for the visit to Iracemafalls.
TIPP: The hotel offers to its guest budget transfers from and to Presidente Figueredo. In combination with promotional rates during the week it might be worth to stay at least one night in the Iracema hotel.
Cachoeira / River Stream URUBUI
The Urubui waterfall is a touristic complex located 2km from downtown. The complex has restaurants, hotels, bars along the river, a swimming pool for kids and a sandy beach. Visitors can swim safely in the river stream.
Orquidea (Orchid) Waterfall
This waterfall and natural swimming pool is located in a reserve of the Presidente Figuredo city council and can be reached after 30 min trekking on jungle paths. Popular spot for local teenagers. Price for mototaxi from downtown to entry point is 3 Reais. It is a small but romantic waterfall surrounded by Real Jungle.
Photos from waterfalls around Presidente Figuredo

Iracema Waterfalls
Iracema Waterfalls

Santuario Waterfall
Santuario Waterfall

Araras Waterfall
Araras Waterfall

Orchids Waterfall - small ... but beautiful

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