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- Maues, secret of the Amazon

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Amazonriders MAUES Offer

Manaus is a BIG CITY with over 4 Million inhabitants. Though jungle tours to Rio Negro or Mamori Lake offer a good jungle simulation, the REAL VIRGIN JUNGLE, you will only find a few hundred kilometers outside Manaus, for example in MAUES, the city of the GUARANA and SATERE MAWE Indians. Check our Maues-Page for details!


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MANAUS JUNGLE TOURS of most operators are offered for the following areas:
4) Special EXPEDITIONS to indigenous
    settlements, for example near Maues
    or Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira
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There are many Tour Operators ...
... but only a few good ones

Planettours - Rio Negro Budget Tours

Specialized in British Customers

1) RIO NEGRO Tours start usually with the meeting of the waters of the Rio Negro (black water) and Rio Solimoes (white water) before heading up the Rio Negro with tourist attractions such as the ARIAU TOWERS jungle hotel, the Archipelo Anavilhanas and the Jau National Park.
Popular with backpacker is the ANACONDA LODGE (or GREEN LODGE) of Planettours (, a budget lodge near the Acutuba beach 35 km from Manaus. Tours are available from from R$ 80.- per day and person (ALL INCLUSIVE) and include navegation to the meeting of the waters and Januari Lake (water lilies), caoning in igarapes (flooded jungle areas), jungle trekking, caiman spotting, piranha fishing, visit to natives (caboclos), overnights in the lodge or jungle camp, mineral water and all meals.
PROs: - Recommended for budget travellers
          - daily departures, single travellers accepted
          - complete jungle tour
CONs: - sometimes large groups of six or more
           - quality of services according to budget price
           - no real virgin jungle will be visited
The Rio Negro has only few mosquitos, but also less animals and fishes than the Mamori Lake.
Special ONLINE Promotion ¨Green Lodge¨ R$ 80.- per person and day (ALL INCLUSIVE) if you make your reservation HERE on!

Planettours Lodge
Budget Lodge upstream Rio Negro

Daily Departures to Rio Negro Lodge

Mamori Lake Lodge
Popular Mamori Lake Lodge

Rafael - Amazonriders
Specialist in Tours to Mamori Lake

Jose Pereira from Amazon Uirapuru Turismo
TUCUNARE - Mamori Lake
with TUCUNARE on Mamori Lake

2) MAMORI LAKE and JUMA RIVER: As part of the Rio Solimoes river system the Mamori Lake (approx. 50 km south of Manaus) offers far more wildlife and also more mosquitos than the Rio Negro. Tours are offered by most agencies located in the Rua 10 de Julho in Manaus, such as
Tours to the Mamori Lake and Juma River start mostly in the CEASA port. After passing of the meeting of the waters, passengers will travel on the famous Transamazonica BR319 road in the direction to Careiro until one of the side-rivers of the Lake. From there they will continue in motorized canoe to one of the jungle lodges or jungle camps. Activities include caiman spotting, canoeing in igarapes, long jungle treks, Piranha fishing, speering of monkey fishes and observation of birds and wildlife. Prices from R$ 120.- per day and person.
PROs:  - smaller groups
            - more wildlife than Rio Negro
            - more adventure style tour
CONs:  - more mosquitos than in Rio Negro
            - Mamori Lake is already quite explored
            - Jungle Camps just a few hundred meters
              from each other
Insider Tipp: If you speak portuguese and are 2 or more people, you can avoid the upmarks of agencies and contact directly the owner of the Mamori Lodge, Jose (ph +55 -92 - 91484722 or 91298576 or 91811890). He will tell you, how to get to the Mamori Lake, arrange for pickup from the Busstation and will arrange a local guide to take you into the jungle.

Amazonriders Tours Co. Ltd

in Hotel Rei Arthur
Rua Dez de Julho, 685 - Centro
CEP 69018-015 - MANAUS - AM
Phone 24hrs:
55 (92) 8175-9747
Special Offers:
1) ANACONDA tour to Mamori Lake
    (3 to 5 days) 
2) New Expedition GUARANA to
    Maues, the land of Guarana and
    the Satere-Mawe Indians, 267 km
    from Manaus.
    Explore real primary jungle, observe
    indigenous on their hunting and
    fishing for survival and visit indian
    families near Barreirinha.
    (minimum 6 days)

Indians Igarape Acu
Indian kids near Igarape Acu

Guide Raimundo and Tourist
Dolphin - Novo Airao
Feeding the pink dolphins

3) JAU National Park: Starting point for the JAU National park and Anavilhanas Archipel is NOVO AIRAO, 200 km from Manaus. Visit our page NOVO AIRAO and JAU National Park for details.
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Chico Guide Novo Airao
Native Guide CHICO in Novo Airao

Heading deep into virgin jungle:
Entrance Igarape Acu
Entrance of Igarape Acu at Parana River

Tasting Fried Caiman
Tasting Fried Caiman
in the Mahatu Jungle House

4) Special EXPEDITIONS to MAUES or Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira: Manaus is a large city with nearly 4 Million inhabitants, and the jungle nearby is far from virgin. The tourist spots Rio Negro and Mamori Lake are already largely explored, nearly all tour operators are going there. Jungle Camps are sometimes located just a few hundred meters from each other. Who really seeks adventure, primary virgin jungle, exploring of places rarely seen by tourist or living with indigenous in their traditional way has to go far away from Manaus:
MAUES:        Satere Mawe Indian reserve in the
                     area Maues - Barreirinha - Parintins
                     Itaituba (PA). Maues is located 267
                     km from Manaus and also known
                     as the city of Guarana.
SAO              Located 850 north west of Manaus,
GABRIEL DA near the border with Colombia
CACHOEIRA  and Venezuela, 95% of its
                      population are indigenous. Besides
                      Portuguese the Nheengatu, Tukano
                      and Baniwa are co-oficial languages.
                      Sao Gabriel is the starting point for
                      expeditions to the highest mountain
                      in Brasil, Pico da Neblina.

Satere Mawe Indians
Ritual of Satere Mawe Indians

NEW Expedition to IGARAPE ACU and Indian Reserve of the SATERE MAWE near Maues, 267 km from Manaus: Explore real virgin jungle, spot the jaguar at night and observe native indians on their hunting and fishing expeditions for survival. Optional visit to indian reserve of the Satere Mawe. Minimum duration 6 days. Prices from R$ 165.- per day and person.
Information and Reservation:
Amazonriders Tours. Co. Ltd
Hotel Rei Arthur
Rua 10 de Julho
Manaus - AM
phone: +55 (92) 81759747

Jungle Water
Pao da Agua: Fresh Jungle Water

Guarana Maues
Guarana Production in Maues

Canoeing Igarape Acu
Wooden canoes in the Igarape Acu

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