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Jungle Lodges and Pousadas Ecologicas around Manaus

Jungle Lodges and Pousadas
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Find here an overview of INDEPENDENT jungle lodges and pousadas ecologicas in the Amazon around Manaus, with detailed description, lodging prices, contact adresses and rating (if available).

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Lodge ou Pousada
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Estrada Manoel Urbano, km 34  -  Ponte do Rio Ariau
Iranduba - Amazonas - Brasil
Phone Reservation: +55 (92) 32311021
Prices from 80 R$/day (pacote do residente)
Located at the Ariau River, the pousada amazonia is just a few miles from the Ariau Towers. The website gives a good overview of the lodging and activities in the jungle. If you arrange for your own transport to the lodge (by bus from Cacau-Pereira), you can as for the budget-package ¨pacote de residente¨.


Pousada Ecologica CAMARAO
Located at the Acutuba Beach (Praia Acutuba)
Manoel Urbano km 28
Ramal da Serra Baixa km 10
Iranduba - Amazonas - Brasil
phone:  +55 (92) 2328621
mobile: +55 (92) 91430911 (Ivanilde)
Popular weekend-spot for Manaus population. The pousada offers chalets with aircondition and fridge and is located in front of the beautiful Acutuba Beach of the Rio Negro. The ¨Green Lodge¨ of Planettours is just 1 km from this beach. A local guide for jungle trekking, canoeing and fishing can be arranged on request. The pousada will pick up guests from the nearest busstop at Manoel Urbano km 28. Rates from R$ 50.- per night and room.  
Located next to Pousada Ecologica CAMARAO.
phone: +55 (92) 91563030 (Neide or Franco)
Guests will be picked up from busstop on request. Rates from R$ 50.- per night and room.
Located next to Pousada Ecologica Camarao. The Acutuba beach is surrounded by jungle and Coconut trees - a real paradise beach at the Rio Negro, approx. 40km from Manaus.
The best periode to visit Acutuba is from September to March (dry season). From April to August, the beach might be flooded.
A local guide for jungle activities can be arranged on request for approx. R$ 50.- per day.
BOA VIDA - Hotel e Centro Natural de Eventos


Rodovia Manaus - Itacotiara
AM 010 - km 53
Amazonas, Brasil
phone: Fone/Fax: (92) 3231-1661
Boavida Hotel e Centro Natural de Eventos is a resort hotel located on the Manaus - Itacotiara Highway (AM 010) at km 53. It is a favourite weekend-spot for families, which enjoy the jungle garden, restaurants, swimming pools and recreation activities.
Packages for two days (1 night)from R$ 150.- per person, all meals included.
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