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MANAUS - Cooling down

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MANAUS - Cooling down
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Cool Places, River Beaches, Lakes near MANAUS

Manaus and surroundings feature sandy river beaches and bathing facilities (in Portuguese called Balnearios) to cool down during hot days. Swimming in cold cristal clear water, having a cold beer and flirting with the locals - with ¨Amazonaslife¨ you have the reliable information.
Praia da Lua is a polupar and clean beach just a few hundred meters from Ponta Negra. While on Sundays this beach is mostly overcrowded, during weekdays it is nearly empty. The beach features fine white sand, some trees, coconuts and beach bars, which offer food and drinks. It is accessibe by shared motorized canu(lotacao - R$ 3.- per trip and person) from Marinha da David (David Marine) in Ponta Negra. From Manaus city center take the Bus 120 to Ponta Negra and leave the bus in front of the entrance to the Tropical hotel. A free shuttle service to Marina da David (every 30 minutes) is available, but you can also walk the approx. 1,5 km to the Marine. Amazonaslife recommends this beach due to easy access, however, suggests to avoid the sunday.
RIO PRETO DA EVA (Black River of Eva)
Rio Preto da Eva is a newly in 1981 created municipality, located approx. 80km north of Manaus and a growing tourist and weekend spot. It is accessible by bus from Manaus Rodoviario Bustation (5,45 Reais per trip, which takes approx. 1 hour). The infrastructure (hotels, restaurants) is very basic, but prices are still low (3 Reais for a Skol beer, 1 Real for a Coconut). Main attraction are the sandy river beaches and balnearios, among others Paraiso do Manu, Recanto dos Buritis and Agua Verde. All tourist spots are acessible with motor-taxis. In the Rio Preto da Eva area is also located the Malocas jungle lodge.
Praia do Tupe is located 34 kilometers from Manaus and popular during weekends and holidays. It is acessible by regional boats from Manaus Moderna Port (sundays, holidays, departure 9 a.m.) or by private speed-boat from David Marina Ponta Negra. The price for the regional boat is 12 Reais per person.
Nice beach located near community Paricatuba 37 km from Manaus. During dry season irregular bus service from Cacau-Pereira. Excursion boats operates on sundays form Manaus Moderna, price 12 Reais per person.
BALNEARIO 3 Irmaoes (km 23 - estrada Manaus - Manacapuru)
This river bath is accessible by public transport, and located at km 23 of the road Cacau-Pereira to Manacapuru. The owner has created some artificial islands in the river and creates fishes in basins, such as Pirarucu and Tambaqui.

Paricatuba beach

Praia da Lua Beach

Rio Preto da Eva River Beach

Rio Preto da Eva (Black River)

Malocas Jungle Lodge -

Praia Tupe 34 km from Manaus

Regional boat - beach excursions

River bath 3 Irmaoes - km 23 Manacapuru highway

Paricatuba beach

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