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Tabatinga Brasil

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The Brazilian border town TABATINGA

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Ingreja Matriz Tabatinga

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Flooded Jungle Areas around Tabatinga

Benjamin Constant 40km from Tabatinga
Pesqueiro CABANA Benjamin Constant
Restaurante and Hotel CABANA

Reserva Palmari
Reserva and jungle lodge Palmari

Indian Tribes near Tabatinga

TABATINGA, located 1105 km in direct line from Manaus, was in the 18th century a military post founded by Fernando Costa Ataide Teives. The name of the city has indigenous origin. In the Tupi language Tabatinga meas white sand.
The access to Tabatinga from Manaus is daily by plane (TRIP and RICO airlines) and twice a week by boat. A fast boat (REGINA) is leaving every Tuesday Manaus to arrive in Tabatinga 36 hours later.
Compared to the Colombian sister-town LETICIA, the possibilities of Hotel and Hostel accommodation and tourist attractions are limited. Most jungle tours are organized by operators from Leticia.
There is in front of the port a new ¨praca turistico¨ with restaurants, bars and live music during weekends.
Favourite dancing spots - mainly on weekends - are the SCANDALOS disco and the more popular GAROTINHO dacing hall. The upmarket restaurants are CASA FAZENDA and TRES FRONTEIRAS restaurants.
New small bars, especially for lovers and friends, are now being opening in the indigenous COMARCA district.
The main transport in Tabatinga is the motorbike. The price per ride is R$ 2.-. During the day there is a shuttle bus (every 15 minutes) from Tabatinga (COMARCA) to LETICIA.
Places worth to visit in and around Tabatinga:
COMARCA:  Indigenous village of the TICUNAS.
BENJAMIN    town, 40 km from Tabatinga.
CONSTANT: Cool nightlife. The restaurant
                 CABANA outside the city has
                 fishing lakes and huts for rent.
RESERVA    Close to Atalaya do Norte.
PALMARI:   Access by road (combi) from
                Benjamin. Budget jungle lodge
                at the JAVARI river, the
                entrance to indian tribes.



International Bagpacker Hostel
Rua Pedro Texeira no. 9  Piso 2
(ao lado do NOVO HOTEL perto
da feira Tabatinga)

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Prices 2008:
Dormitory      -  15 Reais
Single           -  25 Reais
Double          -  35 Reais
All rooms have private bathroom, shower and ventilator. English, French, Spanish and Portuguese spoken.

Bagpacker Hostel Tabatinga
Your host at Bagpacker Hostel Tabatinga

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