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Indian Tribes Colombia

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Indian Tribes Colombia
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Visit with ¨Amazonaslife" Communidades Indigenas (Indian Communities) such as Santa Sofia, La Liberdad and Puerto Narino!




phone: +55 (92) 30872603
Mobile:  (+57) 3112871307 (SelvAventura Felipe Ulloa)
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Puerto Nariño is the second largest town in the Colombian Amazon district, 90% of the approx. 2.000 inhabitants are indigenous TICUNAS.
Tourst attractions are the settlement itsself, the nearby TARAPOTO lakes with pink dolphins and the center of the NATUTAMA foundation ( Indigenous give here a good overview of the natural attractions in the Amazon. Puerto Nariño has a basic infrastructure with some restaurants and hotels, all in walking distance from the port.
Recommended accommodation:
  1. HOTEL CASA SELVA - phone: 211 32 64 - 345 73 01 - per night from 40.000 COP per person.
  2. MALOKAS NAPU - phone: 3134831958  -  per night from 20.000 COP per person
  3. HOSTAL ASAI  - phone: 3114778973
  4. ALBERGUE MANGUARE  - per night from 15.000 COP per person

For transport options to Puerto Narino consult our Page "Boats and Planes Time Table".

The staff of the NATUTAMA foundation ( will be helpful to find a local indigenous guide.


"Mirador" in Puerto Narino

Puerto Narino

Ticuna girl in kitchen of Malokas NAPU



On the way to Puerto Narino, the ¨rapidos¨ are passing also the indian communities ¨SANTA SOFIA¨ and ¨LA LIBERDAD¨. Most organized tourist groups stop there for just a few minutes to see the community or to purchase handycraft, however, especially the Yagua community ¨La Liberdad¨ is worth a longer stay, as the indigenous Yaguas there are still preserving their culture and language.
¨Amazonaslife¨ has build up contact with Gustavo, one of the most important Yaguas in the community. He is the SHAMAN (traditional indigenous doctor) and is pleased to receive visitors in his home and guide them through the community, plantations and virgin rainforest, including overnight stays.
Avoid the huge upmarks imposed by travel agents and operators, make DIRECT CONTACT with the SHAMAN of the Yaguas.
phone: +57 3143044259  (ask for GUSTAVO, the SHAMAN of the Yaguas)
Estimated expenses: gratification of 50.000 Pesos per day for the guiding service, 10.000 Pesos per person for the overnight stay plus food and beverages.

Waterfall near LA LIBERDAD

¨Chacra¨- plantations of the indigenous



¨AMAZONASLIFE¨ TIP: Avoid intermediates just taking your money, make direct contact with the indigenous!
PUERTO NARINO: Natutama foundation. The visit is free of charge. Ask there for a local guide charging around 50.000 Pesos per day.

Natives with tourist in LA LIBERDAD

Leticia port - fluctuante - boats to Puerto Narino


LA LIBERDAD: Try to contact the SHAMAN Gustavo by phone. He is one of the best guides (3143044259) in the region and offers great hospitality. Buy your food from locals to help the Yagua community. Best time to visit: DRY SEASON, as high water levels attract mosquitos!

Gustavo ; Shaman and guide LA LIBERDAD



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