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Maues: City of the Guarana and Satare-Mawe Indians

Smoking with the Tuchaua of the Satere Mawe

MAUES, 267 km from Manaus

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Mahatu Jungle House at Igarape Acu

Maués is one of the most beautiful city in the Amazonas and known as the GUARANA city. The beautiful sandy beaches are famous for their festivals (Maues summer festival and Guarana festival). Already the first inhabitants, the mundurucus and maues indios cultivated the Guarana fruit, which is the basis for the famous brazilian softdrink.
Maues means ¨talking parrots¨ and is originated from one of the indian clans in the region. Maues has 22.000 inhabitants with another 20.000 natives spreaded along 140 river villages.her 20.000 people distribuited within 140 villages spreaded along the rivers. Maués is located on the side of Maués-Açu river and can be reached from Manaus (267 km away) by regional boat (18 hours), fast boat (7 hours) or plane (1 hour).
Maues is an ideal starting point for adventure trekking including visit to the Amana waterfall, old goldmines, caves, exploration of primary jungle with indian guides and visit to the Uraira developing reserve.

Guarana - this fruit is used in the traditional brazilian Softdrink

GUARANA Adventure Package: Jungle Expedition and visit to Indian Reserve (5 to 8 days)
Do your jungle expedition where no other operator is taking you, far away from the Mega-City Manaus. Explore around Maues, 267 km from Manaus, real primary jungle, live and fish with indigenous and observe them on their survival hunting.
The tour starts daily at 3 p.m. in Manaus Moderna port. We will travel in a regional boat to Maues. On the way we will pass the meeting of the waters, observe pink golphins and the sunset.
After arrival at 11 a.m. next day in Maues and lunch, we will make a transfer in motorized canoe to the Igarape Limao and reach after a 3 hours jungle walk the indigenous community Novo Paraiso. Overnight in indigenous family house. Next day we will continue our jungle trekking on a secret indian trial to the Igarape Acu and the Mahatu jungle house.
The next days you will explore the Amazon jungle and wildlife with natives and an experienced bilingual guide:
- Canoeing in traditional wooden canoes
- jungle trekking in virgin jungle
- study of medical plants
- jungle survival training
- observation of wildlife and birds
- night spotting of the jaguar
- caiman spotting
- tucunare fishing
- observation of indigenous during their
   hunting for survival
- preparation of Guarana drink
- visit to the Indian Reserve (3 days)
Promotional price for this five to eight tour adventure expedition is starting from R$ 165.- (R$ 220.- with indian reserve) per day and person.
Information and Reservation:
Amazonriders Tours. Co.
Rua 10 de Julho, 685
Manaus - Amazonas
phone: (092) 3877-0062/81759747

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Por do Sol Handycrafts
Av. Dr. Pereira Barreto No. 593
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Maues AM

Known as the sons of the Guarana, the Satere Mawe indians are still mainaining their traditional way of planting and using the Guarana, for example as medical drug or their ritual drink SAKPO. The name SATERE means ¨Bearded fireworm¨ and the name MAWE ¨Intelligent talking perrot¨. Most of the approx. 8.000 indigenous members of the tribe along the Andira, Marau and Abaxaxis rivers in the Andira-Marau reserve between the municipalities Maues, Barreirinha and Parintins in the Amazon state, and Itaituba in the Para state. They live mainly from guarana and manioc plantations. Each village has a TUXAUA responsible for the local politics of the tribe.
Due to our good contacts to the municipality and local Tuxauas, Amazonriders has created in cooperation with the tour operator Amazonriders the unique opportunity to visit the indian reserve of the Satere-Mawe tribe. The excursion to their village BARREIRINHA in the reserve is done in motorized canoe and takes at least three days. You will observe their traditional way of living, such as hunting and fishing and plantation of guarana. Price from R$ 165.- per day and person all inclusive.

Satere Mawe indians with Sapko drink

Maues features the most beautiful women

Arrival at Vera Cruz beach


Sandy river beaches around Maues

Sunset at Rio Apocuitava near the lodge


Black Piranha

Caiman in the Igarape Acu


Guest catching a Tucunare

Tarzan in the jungle

Wild Sloth near Maues

Igarapes deep in the jungle


Jaguarita - Jungle Cat

Igarape Acu

Fresh water in the jungle

Coconut provides fresh water

Kitchen of Lodge

What you hunt will be cooked

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