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Amazon Travel Portal: Leticia Colombia, Tabatinga Brasil, Manaus Tours, Maues, Alter do Chao


Many travelers begin their Amazon experience in IQUITOS, Peru or in LETICIA, Colombia, others begin in the capital of the Brazilian Amazon state MANAUS or at the ¨end of the line¨, in Belem or Macapa, where the Amazon flows into the Atlantic Ocean, 2763 km from Iquitos.

The Travel Portal ¨Amazonaslife¨ offers backpacker reliable information about accommodation, things to do, jungle tours, travel possibilities and insider tips and inform about promotions and saving possibilities.

We cover also locations off the usual tourist route and not covered by the usual guides (e.g. LonelyPlanet), for example La Liberdad, Presidente Figueredo and Maues, places so far not spoiled by mass tourism. 

Save your budget by DIRECT CONTACT with indigenous guides and families, we give you the contacts free of charge!

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High oil prices, strong Brazilian Real ... are driving the focos of travellers to the neighbouring countries: Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. If you want to discover (parcially) the Amazon by boat, Iquitos or Leticia are in our view the best starting points, as going the river down by boat is much faster than going up. While the trip in a regional boat from Tabatinga to Manaus takes 3 days, going the reverse route up the river will take almost 7 days.
Leticia is now with COPA Airlines and SATENA well connected to the Colombian and international airline network, offering still attractive prices. A roundtrip from Bogota is available from 200.- USD only.
Another low cost entry point for backpacker is CARACAS in Venezuela, served by some budget airlines (Spanair, Santa Barbara). The bus trip from CARACAS down to MANAUS takes approx. 2 days and costs around 100 USD passing tourist attractions such as Santa Elena, Roraima and Presidente Figueredo.
For travellers coming from the south of Brasil, the entry points are BELEM or SANTAREM, from where are leaving boats to MANAUS (duration 5 days from Belem and 2 from Santarem). The road connection to Santarem is irregular and full of adventure. You can go the TRANSAMAZONICA from Cuiaba (BR 163) upwards, or travel from Fortaleza via Imperatriz, Maraba and Altamira (BR 320) to Santarem. Busses from Santarem to Maraba are leaving daily at 9 a.m. (30 hours, fare R$ 200.-).

Mahatu Jungle Garden

Browse to the city on the navigation bar on the top, and find reliable information about:
- Backpacker accommodation
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- Mahatu hostels in Leticia and Maues
- MANAUS Insider Corner
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- Direct Contact to Indigenous
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Dorado fish caught in Zacambu lake

Shaman of the YAGUAS La Liberdad

Safe your BUDGET by DIRECT CONTACT with indigenous guides!
Avoid the markups by tour operators, agencies and touts, make direct contact to the indigenous! Pay yourself the (public) transport, local food and a reasonable gratification to the local guide.
Doing so, you can save 50% and more on jungle tours and have a far more authentic adventure, however, a good knowledge of Portuguese or Spanish is essential. You should be flexible and pacient with the indigenous way of life and be also prepared to purify the water yourself with tablets and to eat what the locals are eating (for example caiman meat).
However, if you prefer comfort, a bilingual guide and food from the supermarket, you are probable better off with a tour operator, who will take care of everything, from bottles of mineral water to mosquito nets.
Amazonaslife has contact to indigenous guides in La Liberdad (YAGUA community near Puerto Narino), Novo Airao and Sao Tome (60 km from Maues).
Use the navigation bar on the top to visit the pages
- Indian Communities Colombia
- MAUES (Satare Mawe indians)
- NOVO AIRAO (Indigenous guide for JAU park)


Entrance Igarape Acu
Mouth of Igarape Acu - Maues

Amazonia is hot and humid. Rainfall is a given. Travelers to the area must expect the inconveniences that go with heat and moisture: insects, parasites, mud, less than hygienic conditions, possible claustrophobia from being surrounded by forest, stomach disorders and other ailments. But is is an unforgetable adventure, to see wild animals such as slowths, caiman or jaguars in their natural surroundings, swim in tropical waterfalls and live with indigenous tribes.

Amazonia is "responsible for 50% of the renovated oxygen on Earth, and its hydrographic basin contains over 1000 rivers and lakes, no less than one fifth of the fresh water reserves on Earth. The Amazon is one of Nature's favourite shows, filled with the most exuberant flora and fauna known to man: thousands of noble century old trees where nearly 15,000 species of animals live; among them 1,800 bird species, 2,000 kinds of mammals and 1,500 types of fish."

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